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Obsolete and hard to find Resistors

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As the name suggests, resistors are passive components intended to provide a certain level of resistance within an electrical system. Much like other electrical accessories, the size and configuration of resistors has changed over the years. Some of the most modern include printed carbon resistors and potentiometers. Still, there is no doubt that there can be times when a legacy model is needed to replace a damaged section of an older electrical circuit board. How is it possible to encounter an obsolete resistor? What if the company in question is no longer operating? These two challenges can be overcome by working together with the team at CVC Components.

We specialise in supplying legacy electrical components to a growing number of national and international clients. As our warehouse currently stores more than 85 million components within a 45-acre footprint, the chances are high that you will be able to find the resistor that you have been looking for. In the rare event that we cannot accommodate your needs, we can also consult with our partners in the United States in order to determine the availability of the resistor in question.

If you are curious to learn about our additional services or to make an enquiry regarding a specific part, please contact us via telephone or through the use of our online form. A representative will be in contact shortly, so the solution to your problem is only moments away.