Obsolete and hard to find Capacitors

It is interesting to note that the concept of temporarily storing a charge within an electrical system can be dated as far back as 1745. Perhaps the most famous example of an early capacitor was known as the Leyden jar. Of course, technology has evolved in leaps and bounds since these times. Capacitors are now some of the most common (and critical) components within an electrical system. Many modern variants have been dramatically reduced in size; allowing engineers to create even smaller devices (such as the common tablet or mobile phone). Still, what would happen if you need an older model that is no longer in production?

This is a concern which faces many of our clients. It can be quite tricky to encounter an outdated capacitor on the open market; particularly due to the fact that older models were not always known for a long lifespan. As opposed to dealing with a third-party supplier that might not be selling a quality product, why not instead choose to work with the team of experts at CVC Components?

We supply some of the most well-known manufacturers and brand names in the industry. A handful of examples include:

• Ratheon
• Burr Brown
• Plethy
• Philips

Reverse engineering is also a possibility and this will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have been unable to find the appropriate legacy capacitor for your requirements, the chances are high that CVC Components will be pleased to help. Please contact us to learn more or to address any additional questions.

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